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Jesus Christ The Son of GodJesus Christ The Son of GodMyckal Morehouse, Mar 17, 2018
Messiah: The Man of PeaceMessiah: The Man of PeacePastor Myckal Morehouse, Mar 10, 2018
The Eternal TongueThe Eternal TonguePastor Myckal Morehouse, Mar 3, 2018
Growing In PerfectionGrowing In PerfectionPastor Myckal Morehouse, Feb 24, 2018
Children of MolechChildren of MolechMyckal Morehouse, Feb 17, 2018
The Sequence of SinThe Sequence of SinMyckal Morehouse, Feb 10, 2018
The Human ConditionThe Human ConditionMyckal Morehouse, Feb 3, 2018
MercyMercy's Final InvitationMyckal Morehouse, Jan 27, 2018
ChristChrist's Work In Heaven's SanctuaryMyckal Morehouse, Jan 20, 2018
Seeing Past The Wind & WavesSeeing Past The Wind & WavesPastor Myckal Morehouse, Jan 13, 2018
Looking Back & Reaching FowardLooking Back & Reaching FowardPastor Myckal Morehouse, Dec 30, 2017
Born KingBorn KingDr. Harold Lee, Dec 23, 2017
You Are GodYou Are God's WorkmanshipCarl Parker, Dec 16, 2017
The Perfect ChurchThe Perfect ChurchMyckal Morehouse, Dec 9, 2017
Midnight OilMidnight OilMyckal Morehouse, Dec 2, 2017
A Sacred TimeA Sacred TimeMyckal Morehouse, Nov 25, 2017
Total Member InvolvementTotal Member InvolvementMyckal Morehouse, Nov 18, 2017
The Last Church StandingThe Last Church StandingMyckal Morehouse, Nov 4, 2017
Absolute RelianceAbsolute RelianceGem Castor, Oct 28, 2017
Crooked Leader or GodCrooked Leader or God's AnointedMyckal Morehouse, Oct 21, 2017
Organized Religion: A Blessing Or A CurseOrganized Religion: A Blessing Or A CursePastor Morehouse, Oct 14, 2017
Praying with PowerPraying with PowerMyckal Morehouse, Oct 7, 2017
The Mystery of the Great ControversyThe Mystery of the Great ControversyLeonid Zakhariya, Sep 16, 2017
Permanent Reality and Religion of LogizomaiPermanent Reality and Religion of LogizomaiHarold Lee, Sep 9, 2017
The Power Of A TestimonyThe Power Of A TestimonyCarl Parker, Sep 2, 2017
Lift Him UpLift Him UpLouis Torres, Aug 26, 2017
Closing the GapClosing the GapCedric White, Aug 19, 2017
Confidence Before the Throne of GraceConfidence Before the Throne of GraceMark Cockerham, Aug 12, 2017
What Now?What Now?Jed Daniel Lee, Aug 5, 2017
ItIt's Time to Be About Our Father's Business | Part 5Dwayne Lemon, Jul 30, 2017
ItIt's Time to Be About Our Father's Business | Part 4Dwayne Lemon, Jul 30, 2017
ItIt's Time to Be About Our Father's Business | Part 3Dwayne Lemon, Jul 30, 2017
ItIt's Time to Be About Our Father's Business | Part 2Dwayne Lemon, Jul 30, 2017
ItIt's Time to Be About Our Father's Business | Part 1Dwayne Lemon, Jul 30, 2017
Sowing SeedsSowing SeedsNadezhda Zakhariya, Sanford Maddox, Carl Parker, Jul 8, 2017
Understanding the TimesUnderstanding the TimesCarl Parker, Jul 1, 2017
Miracle of Calvary Resurrection MorningMiracle of Calvary Resurrection MorningMaddox Sanford, Jun 24, 2017
Why did Jesus Wash their Feet?Why did Jesus Wash their Feet?Leonid Zakhariya, Jun 17, 2017
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      Abba (PowerPoint)
Jed Daniel Lee, Jun 3, 2017
Forgotten Water PotsForgotten Water PotsSanford Maddox, May 27, 2017
Upper Room: Tension in JudahUpper Room: Tension in Judah's HeartLeonid Zakhariya, May 20, 2017
How to Escape the Pleasure TrapHow to Escape the Pleasure TrapScott Ritsema, May 13, 2017
Conformed to the Counterfeit RealityConformed to the Counterfeit RealityScott Ritsema, May 13, 2017
Transformed by the Renewing of our MindsTransformed by the Renewing of our MindsScott Ritsema, May 13, 2017
Responding to the WordResponding to the WordCarl Parker, May 6, 2017
The Old PathsThe Old PathsSanford Maddox, Apr 29, 2017
Preparing for the Bridegroom & If My PeoplePreparing for the Bridegroom & If My PeopleLeslie Poulivaati & Carl Parker, Apr 22, 2017
Upper Room: What Went Wrong Behind the Closed DoorsUpper Room: What Went Wrong Behind the Closed DoorsLeonid Zakhariya, Apr 15, 2017
AmericaAmerica's Foundation - Christianity?Greg Hamilton, Apr 8, 2017
From Lamb to DragonFrom Lamb to DragonGreg Hamilton, Apr 8, 2017
When We See JesusWhen We See JesusDan Linrud, Apr 1, 2017
Look to ChistLook to ChistBen Barcenas, Mar 25, 2017
God of the THALGod of the THALJed Daniel Lee, Mar 18, 2017
The Beauty and Power of OnenessThe Beauty and Power of OnenessCarl Parker, Mar 11, 2017
A Therapeutic DiscipleA Therapeutic DiscipleBen Barcenas, Mar 4, 2017
Health Revival Weekend (2 of 3) - Seven-day Adventists & True WorshipHealth Revival Weekend (2 of 3) - Seven-day Adventists & True WorshipMark Cockerham, Feb 25, 2017
Health Revival Weekend (1 of 3) - Why Has God Given Us the Health Message?Health Revival Weekend (1 of 3) - Why Has God Given Us the Health Message?Mark Cockerham, Feb 25, 2017
Born Again Or MeaninglessBorn Again Or MeaninglessBen Barcenas, Feb 18, 2017
Holding on During the StromHolding on During the StromCedric White, Feb 11, 2017
I Am FreeI Am FreeBen Barcenas, Feb 4, 2017
MAGAMAGAHarold Lee, Jan 28, 2017
Wonder of All Wonders God With UsWonder of All Wonders God With UsCarl Parker, Dec 24, 2016
If It Were Not SoIf It Were Not SoMark Cockerham, Dec 10, 2016
The Gospel...The Gospel...Ben Barcenas, Dec 3, 2016
Why Me?Why Me?Tom Limnell, Nov 26, 2016
The Glorious Subject of RedemptionThe Glorious Subject of RedemptionBen Barcenas, Nov 19, 2016
Watch, Pray to StandWatch, Pray to StandTim Holven, Nov 12, 2016
The Whole StoryThe Whole StoryBen Barcenas, Nov 5, 2016
Who Am I?Who Am I?Tim Holven, Oct 29, 2016
In His TimeIn His TimeJed Daniel Lee, Oct 22, 2016
Do You Trust Him?Do You Trust Him?David Dazile, Oct 15, 2016
As It Was...So It Shall BeAs It Was...So It Shall BeTim Holven, Oct 8, 2016
Receivers of His GraceReceivers of His GraceBen Barcenas, Oct 1, 2016
ManMan's High Calling and PurposeTim Holven, Sep 24, 2016
Seeking a BlessingSeeking a BlessingBen Barcenas, Sep 17, 2016
Motivation Matters (Part 2): A Tale of Two Rich MenMotivation Matters (Part 2): A Tale of Two Rich MenJed Daniel Lee, Sep 10, 2016
Motivation Matters (Part 1): More Than Life ItselfMotivation Matters (Part 1): More Than Life ItselfJed Daniel Lee, Sep 3, 2016
Follow Me... I Will Make You Fishers Of MenFollow Me... I Will Make You Fishers Of MenLeonid Zakhariya, Aug 27, 2016
I Want to See JesusI Want to See JesusCarl Parker, Aug 20, 2016
In His PresenceIn His PresenceTom Limnell, Aug 6, 2016
WitnessWitnessJed Daniel Lee, Jul 30, 2016
It Pays to Be a ChristianIt Pays to Be a ChristianCedric White, Jul 16, 2016
Remember WhenRemember WhenCarl Parker, Jul 9, 2016
A Message From GodA Message From GodTom Limnell, Jun 25, 2016
The Omnipotent GodThe Omnipotent GodSanford Maddox, Jun 18, 2016
Come Follow Me: I Will Make You and Send YouCome Follow Me: I Will Make You and Send YouLeonid Zakhariya, Jun 11, 2016
You and Your EldersYou and Your EldersHarold Lee, Jun 4, 2016
ApologiaApologiaJed Daniel Lee, May 28, 2016
Our Greatest NeedOur Greatest NeedCarl Parker, May 21, 2016
A Storm-Born RevelationA Storm-Born RevelationLeonid Zakhariya, May 14, 2016
Auditory TransductionAuditory TransductionJed Daniel Lee, May 7, 2016
You and Your PastorYou and Your PastorCharles Brown, Apr 30, 2016
Essentials for Growth in GodlinessEssentials for Growth in GodlinessCedric White, Apr 23, 2016
With All My Love, JesusWith All My Love, JesusCharles Brown, Apr 9, 2016
The Last PassoverThe Last PassoverCharles Brown, Apr 2, 2016
Where is the Evidence?Where is the Evidence?Charles Brown, Mar 26, 2016
Unshakable Faith In Shaky TimesUnshakable Faith In Shaky TimesCharles Brown, Mar 19, 2016
Forgive As God Forgives YouForgive As God Forgives YouCharles Brown, Mar 12, 2016
Using Conflict to Give Glory to GodUsing Conflict to Give Glory to GodCharles Brown, Mar 5, 2016
Seeds of ChangeSeeds of ChangeTom Limnell, Feb 27, 2016
The Glorious AppearingThe Glorious AppearingCarl Parker, Feb 20, 2016
True TransformationTrue TransformationJed Daniel Lee, Feb 13, 2016
Jesus Said, "Neither Do I."Jesus Said, "Neither Do I."David Freedman, Feb 6, 2016
Check the CompassCheck the CompassVJ Puccinelli, Jan 30, 2016
Living With ConfidenceLiving With ConfidenceVJ Puccinelli, Jan 23, 2016
Safe PlacesSafe PlacesGary Parks, Jan 16, 2016
GodGod's Salt BarrelVJ Puccinelli, Jan 9, 2016
Beginning AgainBeginning AgainVJ Puccinelli, Jan 2, 2016
GodGod's AmbassadorsVJ Puccinelli, Dec 26, 2015
Our Gift to GodOur Gift to GodVJ Puccinelli, Dec 19, 2015
Winning by LosingWinning by LosingVJ Puccinelli, Dec 12, 2015
Preach the WordPreach the WordSanford Maddox, Dec 5, 2015
Crisis After ThanksgivingCrisis After ThanksgivingHarold Lee, Nov 28, 2015
Lavished With GraceLavished With GraceAl Reimche, Nov 21, 2015
Such A Time As ThisSuch A Time As ThisTom Limnell, Nov 14, 2015
The Power of ForgivenessThe Power of ForgivenessCharles Burkeen, Nov 7, 2015
A Revelation of GenesisA Revelation of GenesisJed Daniel Lee, Oct 31, 2015
Alert & Oriented (Times Four)Alert & Oriented (Times Four)Ron Meinhardt, Oct 24, 2015
Cold, Hard CashCold, Hard CashGale Crosby, Oct 17, 2015
GodGod's CommendationV.J. Puccinelli, Oct 10, 2015
The Clock or the CompassThe Clock or the CompassVJ Puccinelli, Oct 3, 2015
What Do You Think of Jesus?What Do You Think of Jesus?VJ Puccinelli, Sep 19, 2015
A Great MiracleA Great MiracleStan Beerman, Sep 12, 2015
The Strength of ExperienceThe Strength of ExperienceVJ Puccinelli, Sep 5, 2015
Benchmark of HopeBenchmark of HopeV.J. Puccinelli, Aug 29, 2015
The Message of the CrossThe Message of the CrossV. J. Puccinelli, Aug 15, 2015
When God Leads!When God Leads!V. J. Puccinelli, Aug 8, 2015
Whose Church Is It?Whose Church Is It?V.J. Puccinelli, Aug 1, 2015
Jesus Will Come and WonJesus Will Come and Won't TarryRamiro Diaz, Jul 18, 2015
Instruments in GodInstruments in God's HandV.J. Puccinelli, Jul 11, 2015
Out of Many -OneOut of Many -OneVJ Puccinelli, Jul 4, 2015
A Promise To KeepA Promise To KeepV. J. Puccinelli, Jun 20, 2015
Who Calls the Play?Who Calls the Play?V.J. Puccinelli, Jun 13, 2015
The Best is Yet to ComeThe Best is Yet to ComePhil Dunham, Jun 6, 2015
More Than A SaviorMore Than A SaviorVJ Puccinelli, May 30, 2015
In Spite of the PastIn Spite of the PastVJ Puccinelli, May 23, 2015
A Leap into the Arms of the LORDA Leap into the Arms of the LORDRon du Preez, May 16, 2015
Do it Again, Dad; Do it Again!Do it Again, Dad; Do it Again!Ron du Preez, May 9, 2015
Traveling with a Troublesome TextTraveling with a Troublesome TextRon du Preez, May 2, 2015
The Sabbath: Sign of ShalomThe Sabbath: Sign of ShalomRon du Preez, Apr 25, 2015
Secrets for Survival in a Secular SocietySecrets for Survival in a Secular SocietyRon du Preez, Apr 18, 2015
The Paradox of Providential Pit-FallsThe Paradox of Providential Pit-FallsRon du Preez, Apr 11, 2015
Grace and the Remnant ChurchGrace and the Remnant ChurchRay Hartwell, Apr 4, 2015
From Misery to MinistryFrom Misery to MinistryRon du Preez, Mar 28, 2015
Unique Revelation of Jesus ChristUnique Revelation of Jesus ChristRon du Preez, Mar 21, 2015
"Unbroken," Until He Met Christ"Unbroken," Until He Met ChristRon du Preez, Mar 14, 2015
Grab the OpportunityGrab the OpportunityHarold Lee, Mar 7, 2015
Recipe For a Victorious Christian LifeRecipe For a Victorious Christian LifeSanford Maddox, Feb 28, 2015
Extravagant LoveExtravagant LoveDan Linrud, Feb 21, 2015
GodGod's Plan of TransformationChris Camacho, Feb 14, 2015
Focus on Jesus; Faithful to Jesus; Forever with JesusFocus on Jesus; Faithful to Jesus; Forever with JesusRon du Preez, Feb 7, 2015
A New Year? A New You!A New Year? A New You!Ron du Preez, Jan 31, 2015
Hearing the WordHearing the WordDr. Harold Lee, Jan 24, 2015
The Second Book of LoveThe Second Book of LoveRon du Preez, Jan 17, 2015
The Human Christ JesusThe Human Christ JesusRon du Preez, Jan 10, 2015
Law of InheritanceLaw of InheritanceJed Daniel Lee, Jan 3, 2015
The Rest of the Story of the Last MiracleThe Rest of the Story of the Last MiracleAl McDowell, Dec 27, 2014
In the Fullness of TimeIn the Fullness of TimeCarl Parker, Dec 20, 2014
Reaching Out For JesusReaching Out For JesusChris Camacho, Dec 13, 2014
Survival StrategiesSurvival StrategiesRon du Preez, Dec 6, 2014
Thunderous ThankfulnessThunderous ThankfulnessRon du Preez, Nov 29, 2014
Three Strikes and YouThree Strikes and You're Out: God's Grace for Frequent OffendersRon du Preez, Nov 15, 2014
Captivated by Culture ItCaptivated by Culture It's Curse and It's CureRon du Preez, Nov 8, 2014
497 Years Later: Are We Still on Track?497 Years Later: Are We Still on Track?Ron du Preez, Nov 1, 2014
Trauma of TranslationTrauma of TranslationRon du Preez, Oct 25, 2014
From Telegraph to Tell-a-Vsion: The Word to the WorldFrom Telegraph to Tell-a-Vsion: The Word to the WorldRon du Preez, Oct 18, 2014
Fellowship, Foot-washing, Flatbread and Fruit JuiceFellowship, Foot-washing, Flatbread and Fruit JuiceRon du Preez, Oct 11, 2014
God Has Spoken by His ProphetsGod Has Spoken by His ProphetsRon du Preez, Oct 4, 2014
Dialogue with Demons A Grave Turn of EventsDialogue with Demons A Grave Turn of EventsRon du Preez, Sep 27, 2014
From God to Godzilla: The Rest of the StoryFrom God to Godzilla: The Rest of the StoryRon du Preez, Sep 20, 2014
Rapture of the Saints vs. Return of the SaviorRapture of the Saints vs. Return of the SaviorRon du Preez, Sep 13, 2014
Massive Mistake to a Mighty MessageMassive Mistake to a Mighty MessageRon du Preez, Sep 6, 2014
Relentless God and a Reluctant GrumpRelentless God and a Reluctant GrumpRon du Preez, Aug 23, 2014
Beloved Backslider - From Barter to Martyr (Part 2)Beloved Backslider - From Barter to Martyr (Part 2)Ron du Preez, Aug 16, 2014
Beloved Backslider - Back on Track (Part 1)Beloved Backslider - Back on Track (Part 1)Ron du Preez, Aug 9, 2014
Incessant IntercessionIncessant IntercessionRon du Preez, Aug 2, 2014
Weirdly, Wonderful Answers to PrayerWeirdly, Wonderful Answers to PrayerRon du Preez, Jul 26, 2014
HeHe's on His Way to Your HouseRico Hill, Jul 12, 2014
Highway to HeavenHighway to HeavenRon du Preez, Jul 5, 2014
In Remembrance of Whom?In Remembrance of Whom?Cedric White, Jun 28, 2014
Christian or Disciple?Christian or Disciple?Tom Limnell, Jun 21, 2014
Life vs. Morality
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Life vs. Morality
      Life vs. Morality (PowerPoint)
Harold Lee, Jun 14, 2014
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      Centurion (PowerPoint)
Jed Daniel Lee, May 31, 2014
Finding JesusFinding JesusCraig King, Nov 29, 2013
Casting Our NetsCasting Our NetsBen Barcenas, Nov 16, 2013
Adventist Frontier Missions- The Great CommissionAdventist Frontier Missions- The Great CommissionLaurence Burn, Nov 16, 2013
The Swelling of The JordanThe Swelling of The JordanSanford Maddox, Oct 27, 2013
Change From the Inside OutChange From the Inside OutBen Barcenas, Oct 20, 2013
Draw Me NearerDraw Me NearerBen Barcenas, Oct 13, 2013
The Unmistakable TouchThe Unmistakable TouchLeonid Zaichariya, Oct 6, 2013
A Holy PrescriptionA Holy PrescriptionBen Barcenas, Sep 21, 2013
Good News & Good WorksGood News & Good WorksBen Barcenas, Sep 21, 2013
Being Called By GodBeing Called By GodBen Barcenas, Sep 8, 2013
Got Gifts?Got Gifts?Ben Barcenas, Sep 8, 2013
Belonging To GodBelonging To GodBen Barcenas, Aug 18, 2013
GodGod's Last MessageChris Camacho, Aug 10, 2013
I Painted ThatI Painted ThatBen Barcenas, Aug 3, 2013
The HeartThe HeartDoreen Gatieh, Jul 27, 2013
Still A Job To Be DoneStill A Job To Be DoneBen Barcenas, Jul 13, 2013
You Make Me SickYou Make Me SickJeff Kimmel, Jul 6, 2013
BethanyBethanyLeonid Zakhariya, Jun 29, 2013
Is Believing Enough?Is Believing Enough?Carl Parker, Jun 22, 2013
GodGod's GoodnessBen Barcenas, Jun 15, 2013
Be a (Biblical) ManBe a (Biblical) ManJed Daniel Lee, Jun 23, 2012

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RevelationRevelation's Messengers of HopeGervon Marsh, Sep 20, 2014
Mark of the Beast: Choosing Sides for EternityMark of the Beast: Choosing Sides for EternityNate Dubs, Sep 20, 2014
Judgement DayJudgement DayNate Dubs, Sep 14, 2014
A Good God on a Bad DayA Good God on a Bad DayGervon Marsh, Sep 7, 2014
Why So Much Suffering?Why So Much Suffering?Nate Dubs, Sep 7, 2014
Jesus is Coming...Again?Jesus is Coming...Again?Gervon Marsh, Sep 6, 2014
How to Know Your FutureHow to Know Your FutureNate Dubs, Sep 6, 2014
NatureNature's FarmacyRico Hill, Jul 13, 2014
The Food TrapThe Food TrapRico Hill, Jul 12, 2014
The Great Health ControversyThe Great Health ControversyRico Hill, Jul 12, 2014
10 Steps Ahead10 Steps AheadRico Hill, Jul 12, 2014
What Is Man?What Is Man?Rico Hill, Jul 11, 2014
Adventist Frontier Missions- Sabbath SchoolAdventist Frontier Missions- Sabbath SchoolLaurence Burn, Nov 16, 2013